Yume Yume

Everyone has an old pair of slippers in their cupboard. That one holiday and summer essential you hastily buy at the airport 15 minutes before your flight to the Bali leaves. It probably has a palm tree on the sole, am I right? On holiday you lose one and have to buy another pair, which is probably a knock-off Adilette which says ‘Nike Air’.

We’ve got the answer to that. The adidas Adilette is always a good choice. But we’re proud to introduce something designed in the Netherlands, because we know sea and sand like no one. In comes YUME YUME, ‘dream dream’ in Japanese. Their inspiration also comes from the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. Combine Japanese traditions and modern interpretations of sandals and slippers and you end up with the introductory collection of YUME YUME. The Xigy, which is modelled off of the traditional Japanese ‘Geta’ sandals, the wooden ones with the blocks underneath them which seem impossible to walk on. But don’t worry, the Xigy is quite the opposite composed of high quality EVA material and walks like a dream.

The Mount Kita is an all-out outdoor inspired sandal with an actual Vibram sole. YUME YUME is not the first to introduce a technical, hiking inspired sandal, but their version is definitely a looker. It has a very Japanese look and feel and the combination of Cordura fabric and a Vibram sole make this a king in the (urban) jungle.

Make no mistake, these YUME YUME’s will definitely take the beaches and holiday promenades by storm, but we foresee these will also be a force in the 25°C+ summer days in our own urban jungles.