Most people think dogs are man’s best friend. Wrong. We are of the firm opinion it’s not a canine, it’s what you wear each day around the bottom half of your body. The bottom half of your body does a lot each single day. It provides for your movement, makes sure your face isn’t on the floor and goes about making you comfortable when you decide to sit down and take a breather from moving around. True essentials in life. 

We believe providing the best comfort for your bottom half is key. Enter the denim. Originally created in the harsh days of the American Gold Rush, denim has been gracing our bodies in basically the same form as over 160 years ago. Since then things have changed a bit though. The fashion industry has embraced the jeans and made sure you can get them in all the colours you would like, with rips in them or patched up and washes galore. Whether you want them as wild as possible, or cleaner than clean, there’s something out there for everyone.

We have strived to compile a selection of different denims for you, whatever your mood. Denim powerhouses Edwin, Levi’s and Denham have a wide range of fits and colours, with or without stretch. But do keep an eye out for those Wood Wood denims, they can hold their own in a fight!