Calico Jack | Why me? Why not.

Why me? Why not.

Sjeng's favourite items thus far this Fall/Winter season. If it fits the technical bill, or comfy, or chunky, or oversized... it's in Sjeng's wheelhouse. Intrigued? Let Sjeng do the rest of the talking.

Placeholder for 01 Salomon XT 601 Salomon XT 6

Salomon XT-6

Starting off with my favourite sneaker of this season. As someone who values comfort over anything when it comes down to footwear, these are definitely on top of my list. Its sleek design in combination with its lacing system makes it an easy pick in the morning when you're in a hurry (like me every morning).

Placeholder for 03 Stone Island Vest03 Stone Island Vest


We're going full technical mode. As we're entering layering season more and more, you sure need some nice items to layer your wardrobe correctly. This Stone Island Vest is my favourite layering item thus far this season. And because everybody likes Stone on Stone on Stone I added an example of how I would wear it. Full kit w*nker.

Placeholder for 05 Knits05 Knits

Quality knits for the colder days

As the days are getting colder I long for warm & comfy pieces. Nice and soft fabrics with neutral colours are my go-to choice. I've added my 3 favourite knits from this season: starting with our own turtleneck in collaboration with Gran Sasso. I know I said 'neutral colours' but believe me when I tell you its colour is as soft as its fabric. REALLY soft.

Second knit is from one of our newest brands: 04651/. And its name does do it justice, nice and chunky. When you go a size up from your normal size I guarantee you guys you'd want to live in it.

My third pick is an all time classic. Maybe not as soft as my first 2 picks but it definitely makes up for it in sturdyness and high quality feel. This sweater gives me military vibes and I love to see it in combination with some nice boots.

Placeholder for 06 CP Company06 CP Company

C.P. Company Jackets

Couldn't do a list without mentioning C.P. Company. I feel like they are so versatile in style and feeling that you could make it work for everybody. I personally love the rougher side of the brand, the pictures of screaming hooligans who cover their face with their hooded goggle jackets and... Yeah, you get my point. These are my 3 picks.

Placeholder for 08 Parel Studios08 Parel Studios

Parel Studios Essentials

Okay I have to address that I'm 'that guy' who enjoys everything about outdoor apparel but minus the actual hiking and climbing. Call me a poser, I don't care. Starting off with saying that I rate their branding 10/10. I love Parel Studios' logo and the way they use it on their products. And look at that, my favourite items coincidentally work super nice together...

Placeholder for 09 NASA09 NASA

Comfy season with New Amsterdam Surf Association

As I mentioned earlier I tend to choose for the comfy side of my wardrobe when temperatures are dropping. And that's basically what New Amsterdam Surf Association is known for. Coming out of the cold Dutch waters and grab yourself a warm and comfortable outfit to hangout in afterwards. Replace the 'Dutch waters' with 'cold winds' and you got yourself an average Dutch Fall/Winter season.

Placeholder for 10 On Running10 On Running

On Running Cloudaway

If you're paying attention on Instagram on various outdoor pages and maybe some of your favourite influencers, you might have seen these running shoes before. I feel like On Running is being picked up more and more by the same crowds who rock vintage Stoney and Arc'teryx. Besides that they actually feel like walking on clouds (no pun intended) they look cool as hell. Fresh breath of air in between all these footwear giants. And again, I love their branding...

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