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Tijn's Favourites

Hi, my name is Tijn and I'm one of the creatives at Calico Jack. I've been here for quite some time already; 8 years I believe. I started out here as an intern, then left for some time and came back again. Today, I'd like to show off some of my favourite pieces from the Calico Jack East collection. Let's have a look.

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I'd say my style has a lot of Scandinavian influences. My looks are mainly made up of casual, sporty pieces mixed with technical, high quality pieces in neutral tints. I really like the technical look, but I also find it important to still be comfortable; that's where the sporty pieces come in. Like I said I like to wear neutrals the most and as this is a representation of my favourite looks, I chose to go for neutral tones with muted colours.

Anyways, on to the items...

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First up: Norse Projects' Silas Chambray L/S Shirt Tab Series in Ecru. As it's getting warmer, I wanted to focus on items that can be worn during cold spring evenings and hot summer days. This one is perfect for that purpose.

To add on to that I've paired it with Parel Studios' Atlas Vest. The colour matches almost perfectly with the Norse Projects shirt and gives it a more technical look. Remember how I get inspired by the Scandinavian look? These items are actually both made by Scandinavian brands.

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The next piece is this pair of earth brown Narva Pants, also by Parel Studios. They're lightweight and have quite a bit of stretch to them, which once again make these perfect for spring/summer. And the best part is: due to the 4-way stretch fabric they're very comfortable. I actually also have these in black as I like them that much.

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Last but not least, the Salomon XT-6; also a new item in our collection. I think this pair totally fit's my style and is a great addition to the look. The neutral tones tie in nicely with the muted brown and beige tints in the top and bottom pieces and the style of them makes this look a bit more interesting.

Well, that's all for today. I hope you like the look and got some inspiration out of it. Thanks for reading and see you soon at Calico Jack!

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