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Calico Jack introduces Anne

Let me introduce myself: my name is Anne, I'm the new junior creative at Calico Jack and I’ve been working here since February. Together with Vincent, Tijn and Noa, I'm part of the Creative Team. Something fun about me is that I'm obsessed with colourtheory! The use of colour and how it changes combined with other colours just fascinates me. That is something I also like to show in my outfits.

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I’ve been shopping at Calico Jack for years! In the beginning I only used to go for new shoes, but later on I also went for the clothing aisles. Even though Calico Jack is a male-oriënted store, I have always felt comfortable, as a woman, to shop at Calico Jack. I believe that people should wear what they want and that it shouldn't matter if you're wearing 'boys or girls' clothes. I also value the quality of responsibly-made pieces and quality fabric that feels nice on your skin.

Today I incorporated all that into my perfect spring look.

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I'm starting off with Bram's Fruit's fresh harvest. We've only just started selling this brand at Calico Jack, but I'm already sold on their pieces. They make unisex clothing that are really easy to combine with each other.

I chose the forest green trousers. I don't think they are supposed to fit my body like cropped pants, but I'm liking it! They give off the perfect 'start of spring' vibe that I was going for.

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I combined the trousers with a bone coloured sweater from New Amsterdam Surf Association. The fine knit makes the sweater very comfortable and warm. That makes this half-zip perfect for this time of year; when it's slowly getting warmer, but still cold when the sun's down.

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Like I said, I love mixing colours together. So of course I had to make this fit a bit more interesting by adding a pop of purple. Combined with the natural bone-like and forest green colours, my go-to colour was an absolute no-brainer. The socks by Socksss are paired with classic Dr. Martens loafers, giving the whole look a bit of an 80's vibe.

So.. That's it for my fit check. I hope I got to inspire you a little. Thanks for reading!

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