Calico Jack | Suzanne in conversation with Davy James

Suzanne in conversation with Davy James

Dutch sneaker collector.

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First of all Davy, very nice to see you again. How have you been coping with the global pandemic?

Hi Suzanne, thanks for your invitation, great to see you again. Thankfully despite the pandemic life goes on, but all the fun things have been cut out. But hey, I'm not the only one this goes for.

When did your love for sneakers start? Why do you love them so much?

I started young. My parents introduced me to sneakers and I never stopped loving them. Sneakers are a part of my life and not a day goes by that I don't think about them. I love sneakers because they are the most important part of my outfit: sneakers make my look!

Which pair of sneakers has the best story for you? Or do you have your own story with a pair of sneakers?

That's the thing, every pair in my collection has its own story: the way they were designed or the way they came into my possession. Those stories are of course the personal ones and the reason they stay with you. One of the better stories for me is the one about the NIKE Air Max 1 'KidRobot' QS version. The internet introduced me to that one and immediately fell in love. I was not able to attend the release of the shoe, but 2 years later I struck literal gold. I opened up eBay and there they were: a size US9, deadstock, with the sealed extra insoles, keychain and the striking gold outer box. I immediately hit the 'Buy' button. The waiting took way too long, looking at the tracking status was a daily thing. Finally, after 3 weeks, the pair arrived in the Netherlands. I was working my side job on Saturday, but checked the status beforehand. Today was the day: out for delivery. The postman always comes around the same time, so I made sure my break was then and hurried home. It was meant to be: the delivery guy showed up just before I had to go again. I swear I had the biggest smile back at work. I ran home, unboxed them and they proudly sit on my shelf to this day. Worn a bit, but totally worth it.

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Everyone is collaborating with everyone these days, in your opinion, what is the one collaboration that is missing?

I would love a collaboration from NIKE & WOEI in Rotterdam. One of the legendary Dutch stores with a NIKE account from day one. I always loved his way of doing business, so I think he deserves his shot. Make it happen NIKE!

What are your top 3 favorite collabs?

Always a difficult question, but here goes:- 1. NIKE & Atmos on the Air Max 1. Their collaborations are always fire, producing hit after hit. A few of them have ended up in my collection, but my favourite has to be the 'Elephant' Air Max 1.- 2. NIKE & Tom Sachs: the Mars Yard 1.0 and 2.0. Oh how I would love to add one of these to my collection.- 3. Travis Scott & NIKE: his Air Jordan 1 High and SB Dunk Low are stellar shoes and I'm fortunate enough to have both in my collection. I had to pay resell for those, which hurt, but I have zero regrets.

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This is your first time in our new West store, what do you think about it?

Your West store looks really good! The lightness and open appearance is something I really like. Everything is very clear. You've used a lot of natural elements, like the sky window and olive tree. That tree has to be real right?

Bought a lot in 2020? Which were your favourite pairs and why?

Man, 2020 was a busy year. You might have guessed it, but the Dunk was a favourite in 2020. Particularly the Air Max 1 themed SB's had to be added to the collection. As an avid AM1 fan, with not a lot of Air Max 1 releases this year I naturally had to have all the SB Dunk's.

Did you buy a longboard?

Yes, that's right! The gyms had to close down and we need to keep moving. I was thinking about fun ways to do so and remembered I had learnt to snowboard a long time ago. I remembered the feeling, so longboarding it was!

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You’re an avid Swoosh fan, but are there non-Swoosh shoes you bought recently? What made you choose them over another pair of Air Max’s?

While you definitely can get lost in all of the NIKEs I have, I do have other stuff. Most notably all three WOEI x ASICS pairs: two GEL-LYTE III's and the Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85.

Obviously our store is football inspired, what is your favourite team?

Not a Dutch club, I have been a huge fan of Chelsea Football Club since I was 17!

The Blues! Can you tell us why you’re such a Chelsea fan? What is your favourite Chelsea team?

During a family holiday we all bought the same club track suit: a Chelsea one. The colours stuck to me and I started watching their games. Chelsea is a hate it or love it club which interested me and I joined the love it side. The high is of course winning the Champions League final in Munich, against Bayern. That team holds a special place in my heart.

Nearly everyone has an all-time favourite player, which is yours?

He isn't part of the 2012 team, but joined a few years later. I was sorry to see him go to Real Madrid, even sorrier to see is injured a lot and hasn't had to opportunity to really show his skills yet. Because he definitely showed them in his Chelsea days! His name: Eden Hazard.

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Where can people follow you on your socials?

Take at look at my Instagram: @djamesandrew!

Thanks a lot for stopping by. Is there something you would like to end with for our community?

Be nice to each other, watch your health and always: stay positive. I can't wait to meet everyone again at all the sneaker events!

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