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SUICOKE Team picks

The Calico Jack creative team likes to introduce you to their favorite SUICOKE's SPRING/SUMMER items. Established in 2006, SUICOKE is a cult Japanese brand that originally made its mark with small accessories, such as hand-painted 'Matryoshka Dolls'. With complete creative freedom and a fresh direction, SUICOKE has become known for its wide selection of performance sandals.

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Our team is amazed by SUICOKE's summer '22 collection. In this journal, we'll explain why we picked our favorites.

Tijn's MOTO-CAB Black

It's all about simplicity and casual colours for me. The MOTO-CAB in Black has the clean traditional look that I like to wear. This model is just an awesome addition to my wardrobe. This technical Japanese design is right up my alley!

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Vincent's ZAVO-VS Black

Style, comfort and uniqueness.. That's what I always try to look for in my personal picks. The SUICOKE ZAVO-VS in Black checks all boxes for me. Summer is coming and I want to look good, feel good and experience comfort when I head in to the city to meet my friends for some cold drinks and to enjoy the hot summer vibes.

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Noa's MOTO-CAB Beige

When I first saw the Moto-Cab slippers I fell in love. Not only are they exactly what I’m looking for style-wise, but they’re also extremely comfortable! I like to wear pieces that are unique, but still have a natural look and give a ‘soft’ feeling. The Moto-Cab’s do this perfectly.

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Anne's DEPA-CAB Olive

The SUICOKE DEPA-CAB's just do it for me. The straps make them easy to wear to any occasion, from a hike in the woods to a shopping trip with the girls. The olive monotone style even goes with most of the items I already own, so I won't have any trouble styling them. Simply said, they're perfect.

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