Calico Jack | Stone Island Spring/Summer 2022 Dips into a full…

Stone Island Spring/Summer 2022 Dips into a full spectrum of color

Stone Island is one of our premium brands and they came out with a new colorful collection for SPRING/SUMMER 2022.

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With the year winding to a close, all eyes are set on next season's wears, such as those of Stone Island's Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

Over the years, Stone Island has perfected the art of the collection preview. There's always a lot to see thanks to its seasonal icons and far more to be desired.

Spring/Summer 2022 sticks to this formula with the reveal of next season's icon pieces, which are, of course, showcased in a full-ranging color palette of rich hues, a statement of the brand, and something you're unlikely to find anywhere else.

Once again, the collection looks to focalize research and innovation across a range of new and updated fabrics, treatments, and finishes.

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Photo: Stone Island

Fan-favorites return with a new selection of MARINA pieces, complete with the signature red embroidered star motif and performance fabrics inspired by the sea. For SS22, MARINA outerwear is built using 3L GORE-TEX in recycled polyester for enhanced weather protection.

The camouflage-inspired, monochromatic GHOST pieces come with Supima cotton canvas constructions and super-comfy stretch lyocell cotton satin, complete with traditional military details.

Standouts for the season include a new heat-reactive jacket and a three-in-one jacket, vest, and bag made of ripstop GORE-TEX.

SS22 once again offers an impressive array of color thanks to Stone Island's industry-leading dye techniques and treatments; this season, including pale and deep pinks, purples, blues, greens, orange, and yellow.

Get familiar with the Stone Island Spring/Summer 2022 collection preview above while you get ready for the full reveal in the coming weeks.

Source: Highsnobiety

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