Stüssy Summer '19 selection by Sjeng

We asked our creative manager Sjeng van Velzen to make a selection of his favourite items from the latest Stüssy Summer ‘19 drop.

Sjeng: 'The new Stüssy drop is here and this time I picked some items that fit the warmer days coming up! I mainly focused on festival gear, mixed with some of my favourite Stüssy Summer ’19 items, my favourite being the Charlie Sheen-esque Stüssy Miles polo in black. But since it’s so nice I had to get it twice, therefore I added the lemon colourway as well. Normally not a big fan of bright colours but the orange Leary Mountain Short for some reason really speaks to me. Especially when paired up with the black Barcode t-shirt. The last two items are the Stüssy Nite Life tee and the Louie Longsleeve polo, the Nite Life tee because i think it is a cool graphic design and because it’s a subtle reference to the 90’s rave scene. The Louie Longsleeve Polo because it’s a simple and chill polo and I like simple and comfortable clothing.'