Red Wing Weekender Chukka 3321 with Rolph

Pic 4

My childhood was dominated by expert quality men’s shoes. As the son of a shoe salesman my literal playground was shoes. And my father only bought the best. That’s where my love for the best came from and why I am an entrepreneur in the same field today. As a retailer I wear a lot of different ones and each outfit needs the perfect shoe underneath

Pic 1

Sometimes you can only bring one pair though. Sometimes you need a shoe which is so versatile it doesn’t matter which outfit you’re wearing, the shoe fits. It saves room in your luggage, but I also like the concept of an everyday essential. Four years ago I went on holiday to the coast of Tuscany and brought a pair of Red Wing Weekender Chukka’s for precisely this reason. Flip-flops during the day, Red Wing’s during the evening.

Pic 3

It’s been 4 years, but guess which shoe is back. The Red Wing Weekender Chukka in Muleskinner, an everyday essential which only gets better with time.