'Quality Time' at Calico Jack

Quality Time with mr Jigs

Venlo, our city is one which thrives on hospitality. Bars, restaurants, sports canteens, podiums… they all make Venlo an unbelievably pleasant place to live. That’s our opinion anyway. The measures installed by the government are a necessary ‘good’ or ‘evil’, whichever way you look at it. But the tide needs to be turned.

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The entertainment and hospitality sector is hit again, for which we share our concerns with all the entrepreneurs, employees and volunteers out there. As citizens we should be vigilant and listen to experts. As entrepreneurs we should try and do our best to support.

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Our second edition of Quality Time on Sunday sees Sef Smeets from Mr. Jigs bringing his gin-mixing talents to our store. In addition, Cabillaud will provide a few bites to spice things up. The measures the government have installed will hit the hospitality business hard, so please show your support to the excellent bars and restaurants our gorgeous city still holds. Our community is key. Please note we will be very mindful of the amount of people in-store on Sunday to safeguard the 1.5 meters between people!

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