Calico Jack | Pizza with Dennis

Pizza with Dennis

Sunny weather, high temperatures and good food! We're heading into the summer season, so it's the perfect time to grab a pizza and chill in the sun! Today we shared one with Dennis, one of our newest models. And even though temperatures are not extremely hot, Dennis his outfit and pizza definitely are. Find out more below!

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Spotted with not one, but five pizzas for him and his friends we met Dennis on the Maasboulevard in Venlo. As one of our loyal customers, he was completely dressed in Calico Jack items and ready for a delicious meal by the best Neapolitan pizza spot in town, Nena Pizza. Order yourself a piece and let's get into the look together.

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Starting with a statement piece, Dennis is wearing C.P. Company's La Mille Gore-Tex 3L Jacket. This item has some amazing features; like the fact that it has built-in glasses and four pockets on the front.

His other pieces exist out of Lack of Guidance's White Jamie T-shirt; featuring a Lack of Guidance logo on the front. And Wood Wood's Jacquard Kurt Shorts. Some might say it's a bit enthusiastic for the current temperatures, but we love it! Wear what you want, where- and whenever you want.

To finish it off, he's wearing one of Sebago's Makwa boat shoes. He tells us this relaxing shoe never fails him and stays comfortable to walk around on all day long! If he could only pick one thing to keep, this would be it.

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Feel hungry yet? Inspired maybe? We sure are.

See you soon at Nena Pizza and Calico Jack!

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