Recap Paul & Shark event

So you might have noticed we had something special going on this weekend. This is for the people who couldn’t make it to our Paul & Shark event and for the people who just want to relive a good Sunday. Of course we will have to talk about the monsters (that did a fine job as eye-catchers) that stood in front of the store, I’m talking about the cars supplied by Trench and Louwman Exclusive. A modified Jeep Wrangler and a way too fast McLaren 600LT (0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds, Rolph and Erik made sure this was true on the German highways).

Then there was amazing wine by our good friend and wine consultant Sjuul Klinkert, and some amazing Italian dishes by Trattoria Antonia. Mixing all of that with a good DJ set and our lovely customers made the setting for an excellent Sunday. If you couldn’t attend this event that’s too bad, but there will be more events in the future! Be sure to stay up to date via our newsletter, Instagram and Facebook.

Paul Shark Calico Jack 3 Paul Shark Calico Jack 8 Paul Shark Calico Jack 6 Paul Shark Calico Jack 7 2 Paul Shark Calico Jack 1 Divider Team photo