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Mizuno & Calico Jack - celebrating our 6-year anniversary

It’s been 6 years since we first opened our doors. Oh how time flies when you’re having fun. We haven’t been strangers to celebrating our birthday, this year is no different. Mizuno offered us the chance to take one of their creations and run with it. We wracked our brains and the end result is releasing on Thursday the 1st of August: the Mizuno & Calico Jack SMU. Stock is limited, so don't sleep! Our release party starts at 17.00PM, see you there!

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The colour white has always been very interesting to us. With a white object the focus automatically transfers to its design, instead of its colour. In art and architecture, the emphasis of the object is about form, functionality, materials. Light and shadow play makes other aspects of the object stand out: the structure, texture and shape. This Mizuno shoe is the same. Study the sneaker and what catches your eye? The combination of soft and hard materials, the use of geometric forms on an organically knitted upper.

Artists have always used the colour white in a lot of different ways. It makes us look at an object in a way we would not be able to if the artist did use a lot of colour. A building completely packed in white, white pyramids on a wall, white light, hallucinating white cones and of course the white shark. All existing works of art.

These existing works of art inspired us to look at forms and ideas differently, so our aim is to make you, the viewer or the wearer, look at the shoe differently.

Available in sizes 39 – 46, €189,99

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