Calico Jack | NN07 and BE@RBRICK Raffle

NN07 and [email protected] Raffle

For the first time ever, NN07 teamed up with [email protected], to deliver a stylish two-piece minimalistic figurine collaboration. In this journal you can find out more about this Minimalistic Collaboration and enter our raffle.

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About the design

These collaborative collectibles are designed with the Copenhagen brand's signature shade of navy blue. They arrive in a 100% and 400% set and are decorated with a solid white censor bar across the eyes which ironically read "no Nationality'.

The brand's slogan can be found on the rear of the bear. This emblazoned slogan spells out; "We don't believe in nationalities, we believe in personalities'. The iconic NN07 dot - designed as a homage to Japan - can be found on the chest of the figurine bear.

The NN07 x [email protected] figurine comes in a 100% and 400% set and will be available from May 12 (12pm CET) in our webshop.

Source: Hypebeast

Enter Raffle


1. Only one raffle form entry is allowed, sending in multiple entries will mean all entries will be canceled. The raffle closes on WEDNESDAY the 11th of MAY, 2022, 17:00h. All winners will receive an e-mail or be contacted via Whatsapp on the same day.

2. You will have the choice to pick up the [email protected](€169.99) at our store, or ship your order:

- Picking up the [email protected] in person has to happen on THURSDAY the 12th of MAY, 2022. You are allowed to use a third-party pick-up, however, the name given has to correspond with the raffle winner. As all items are spoken for at that time, no changes in sizes can be made.

- If you choose to have us ship out your order, we will send you a payment request via our payment provider, Mollie to your mobile number or e-mail address. Payment of the shoes (via iDeal, credit card or PayPal) and shipping costs to your location has to happen within 24 hours of receiving the payment request. Failure to pay in this time window will mean the pair will be offered to someone else. Successful payment means your order will be shipped out on the day of the release.

3. All the items will have been raffled on WEDNESDAY the 11th of MAY, 2022. Pairs that have not been picked up on THURSDAY the 12th of MAY, 2022 before 17:00h, or paid for via PayPal request in the 24-hour time period, will enter our regular stock on THURSDAY the 12th of MAY, 2022 at 17:00h and be sold online.

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