Mauro's View: Paris Fashion Week (Part 1/2)


I really want to give you guys a good view on our Paris Fashion Week. Paris Fashion Week always looks like cool-looking people hanging out with other cool-looking people, at least that’s what you mostly see on Instagram and the blogs. But in reality, it’s quite hard work. You have a lot of scheduled appointments and in between the appointments you’re thinking about the next showroom, while walking or trying to get a taxi (and they are always taken when you need them the most, it seems like they have a total of 6 taxis driving around in Paris sometimes). Calico Jack is there to select and buy collections for the upcoming season: spring/summer 2020, so it requires constant focus and thought when you’re in a showroom. So, is it cool? Definitely, I would not want to miss it, but it can be very stressful at times. I will talk you guys through the most noticeable showrooms, highlights and happenings.

Header pfw

So let's start at the start: June 19th at 5AM is when I got picked up by Rolph, we drove to Düsseldorf to take the Thalys to Paris. After roughly 4 hours of sitting in the train and not being able to sleep very well because I was so excited, we finally arrived in Paris around 10 hour clock. We took an Uber to our Airbnb, we refreshed ourselves and headed to appointment number one.

Norse Projects is the perfect start for the Paris Fashion Week. First of all because it is the cleanest white showroom (as far as I have seen), and the guys at Norse are always very chill and friendly. Also, Norse always delivers at what they do best: high-quality basics. That’s what we are there for, so this makes it easy and pretty hard at the same time, but perfect for a start. Also the lunch is always great.

Norse Projects Showroom2

The second showroom is one of my personal favourite brands we carry here at Calico Jack: Our Legacy. I like weird shit, Our Legacy likes weird shit too, so that’s a good match. This showroom looked like a big old house in the middle of Paris with a big garden and this time the showroom started right in that garden with big wooden painted sculptures giving off the vibe that the whole collection carried. Our Legacy uses different inspiration for every new collection and this time it was the disconnect that exists between progression and tradition as we get more enlightened, that is what fueled the pieces in this collection. It’s funny too compare it to Norse Projects, Norse being so clean, simplistic and clear. And Our Legacy is weird, artistic and vague, even the models are not your typical models but everything suits the vibe and that’s why it makes sense.

Our legacy showroom

The showroom after that one was Adieu Paris, a new shoe brand coming in this fall winter season. One of the brands I'm the most hyped about myself. They make beautiful neat leather shoes, but always with a punk edge. Either the leather has a very unusual colour or pattern or the soles are very big and weird. I really like the ones with the big sole. But there are also some more accessible models in there. Next summer we will be receiving three different collaborations of Adieu, one with Undercover, one with Très Bien and one with Etudes. All of them are amazing, but even the regular Adieu collection is super nice.


The next morning we started off at Dear Vanessa, another brand we’re introducing this fall winter collection. Poyan, the guy behind Dear Vanessa is a cool creative dude, for every collection he makes he comes up with a story. The first collection that we will receive quite soon is called ‘The Bar Mitzvah Of Mortdecai’ and the collection we saw in Paris is called ‘A Travelers Tale’. I am really interested in his way of working, I think it’s quite unique. This collection consists of some really cool standout jackets and coats in combination with some more casual printed tees. The thing that caught my eye the most were the accessories, all the standout pieces came with this amazing pin on the left side of the chest. Really cool brand and I’m really curious what you guys think of it.

Dear Vanessa

That was it for part 1 of Paris Fashion Week, if you think this is interesting, stay tuned for part 2. There will be a weird Paris Fashion Week nightlife story in the next part. Let me know what you think about it and if you have any questions feel free to ask, I’m almost always at the store and otherwise just ask via Instagram or something.