Mauro's view on OUR LEGACY Pre Fall '19

The Our Legacy Pre-Fall 2019 collection is inspired by watching football games in Southern European bistro’s. They took inspiration from almost everything you can imagine being in such a bistro, from the friendly waiters working there and their uniforms, to tablecloths and dishwashing towels from the kitchen, even dirty napkins. That’s what makes Our Legacy one of my favorite brands, they don’t go with trends. They come up with super creative concepts for every new collection.


For me personally this makes me think about the times when I visited my grandparents in Belfeld, which is a small town South of Venlo. My grandparents are from Sicily, Italy. Almost every Sunday I would visit my grandparents with my dad, mother and sister for dinner. My grandmother would always make pasta for the whole family, which was the best pasta I have ever had to this day (It’s all about the sauce).


When dinner was ready we would all sit around the table, my grandparents, dad and mother would have a glass of homemade red wine and my grandfather would always ask me and my sister if we would like a little ‘colore’ with our 7Up. When every glass was filled my grandfather would say ‘mangiare’ which basically means ‘enjoy your meal’ and then everyone would start to eat their meal.


There would always be a second course, meat with salad, and after that ice cream for dessert. Afterwards we either did two things... chill on the couch and watch Formula 1, crossing your fingers Ferrari would win or you would go outside and check if the grapes and cherries would be ripe enough to pick.


It wasn’t really easy to communicate with my grandparents since they barely spoke any Dutch, but we could always understand each other. One side of me really thinks it’s a shame I never learned to speak Italian. On the other side I wouldn’t want it any other way, the fact that communication wasn’t easy just added to the feeling you were in Sicily, plus the Italian temperament always spoke for itself.


(P.S. 7Up and red wine is a fire combination if you want to get lit before a night out.)