Mauro's P.O.V. 'London Fashion Week'

A few of the highlights of the year are the different Fashion Week’s worldwide, a week where designers big and small show their new collections to the world. We usually visit the Paris Fashion Week twice a year, but that’s not the only one we look at. At the moment the London Fashion Week is well underway, here are my highlights! I’d like to let you know my favourite shows so far.


Lets start with my favourite designer of the moment; Kiko Kostadinov. He was the one who kicked off London Fashion Week this year. It was Friday, the show started at 19.00h, I was heavily refreshing my smartphone cause I did not want to miss anything. The music started and I was immediately hooked. The show was held in London’s Plaisterer's Hall which in my opinion looked like a fancy 200-year-old ballroom. The thing that surprises me with Kiko is that every time he presents a show it is even more Kiko-esque than the one before that, but in a totally different way.

KIKO 001 2 Kiko script

'This show gave me some medieval vibes, but apparently I was wrong since it was about one of the most well-known horses races in the world, the Kentucky Derby. According to Kiko himself “Horses are trained by gypsies as they’re really close to them, then the middle, suiting, section of the show was about the people that organize the race and own the horses,” says the designer. Then you have the audience, the jockeys themselves, and all the politics that go into multi-million dollar races.' Words by Highsnobiety.

The clothes all were very Kiko of course and it’s quite hard describe the clothing, since Kiko always uses new shapes and patterns. I tried to select a few looks that really represent the style and story the best. But to be fair, it’s better to just watch the show, that way you can see all the looks and the way the clothes move. You can see the show on his own site

KIKO 003 4 5goed

The second show I would like to talk about is the one from Nicholas Daley. A fashion designer I’ve been keeping an eye on for a few months now. His Jamaican-Scottish roots mixed with his love for jazz and reggae music are the foundations for the clothes he makes and the shows he gives.

DALEY 001 2 Daley script

This time those influences became all the more clear. Whereas usually the runway models are professionals, Nicholas Daley did something different. The British jazz band Sons of Kemet all walked the show while playing their instruments, walking to the middle of the venue. All of the looks were shown and the band just kept playing and it gradually flowed into an excellent afterparty. That’s what I think makes him so interesting as a designer, it’s not just about clothes but maybe even more about community and experience, so that also really resonates with us as Calico Jack. Plus he showed a new Adidas collaboration, which looked amazing.

DALEY 003 4 5