Mauro's Focus: Paul Smith Velvet Bomber Jacket

The first fashion designer to receive a British knighthood. Collaborations with Liberty London, Land Rover, Oakley, New Balance and the damn English national football team with Umbro. True British royalty, but without the blue blood. His name household in the fashion industry and one everyone listens to. His coloured stripes are known worldwide and can be found in practically every garment and accessory rolling out of the factory. We’re proud to carry such a name in our collection. The first Paul Smith item came in recently and it’s definitely not a simple t-shirt. A statement piece in his collection: a gorgeous black velvet jacket. A gold zipper and his famous stripes. But on the inside of the garment. Maybe a shame it’s not reversible, but that’s not how he meant it to be worn. And you wouldn’t want to hide that oh so delicious velvet.

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