Mauro's Focus: Dear Vanessa

One of the new brands for this season has arrived and I’m super excited about it. Dear Vanessa is a very young brand, this being their first collection. Hailing from the Netherlands is always a pre, but of course we also selected it because we believe this could grow into something big. Aesthetically their first collection fits perfectly between the rest of our brands.

Dear Vanessa takes a super interesting approach on storytelling in their design. Poyan, the man behind the brand, told me that he got inspired by the way the Jewish community in Antwerp dresses and moves through the city. But instead of referencing this directly, he came up with the fictional character Mortdecai: a Jewish boy that grows in to being a full grown man and having his Bar-Mitzvah. He meets a girl called Vanessa and falls in love, but alas, Vanessa doesn’t love Mortdecai back. That’s where the sad texts on the back of the long sleeves derive from, e.g. ‘I waited an eternity to hear a loving word’. Also to me it’s cool that he uses Dutch and English words on the same pieces. For me this is one of the brands I’m most excited about this season. I’m really interested what you guys think about it, so have a look at our selection here or drop by in-store and I’ll tell you all about it.

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