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Mizuno Sky Medal Premium

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Next week, on Wednesday, March 2nd, the Japanese brand Mizuno is releasing two new pairs of their popular Sky Medal Premiums! These amazing three-toned sneakers are truly something else and we couldn’t be happier to present them to you.

Just like our current giveaway, the Sky Medal Premiums Based on living the good life, these sneakers focus on playful and contrasting aspects, taking inspiration from the places that make us feel alive. To us that means being with our friends, taking the time to explore nature together and enjoy life. To you that might mean going for a run in the woods or playing a nice game of football, who knows. So.. Where do you feel most alive? Are you fired up yet? We sure as hell are!

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Don’t forget to check out the website on Wednesday, March 2nd to get yourself a pair. Be quick though, because we've got the feeling these might just sell out very fast.

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