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Karhu 'Legend' Pack

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Finnish footwear label Karhu has released a new “LEGEND” capsule, focusing on a monochrome color palette offset by small yet impactful hits of pink. The capsule features three silhouettes, with three takes on the classic Fusion 2.0 sneaker, while both the Legacy 96 and Synchron Classic are also given an update.

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Karhu has dressed the Fusion 2.0 in both all-black and all-white colorways, while the Legacy 96 also arrives in a monochrome gray colorway. Contrasting these designs, however, Karhu has added pops of color to two other sneakers. For a third Fusion 2.0 and the Synchron Classic, the collection’s muted black and gray tones sit alongside eye-catching pink detailing on each sidewall.

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