DFNS in conversation with our creative director Rolph

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Q: As a retailer and figure in the fashion and footwear scene, what does sustainability mean to you?

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Obviously sustainability means a lot to me. Not only from an "environmental friendly” perspective. Even more important for me is how you make choices on all different kind of decisions you have to make. From both perspectives; business wise, but from consumer perspective as well.

Rolph: "As Calico Jack we’ve chosen a path. A few years ago we decided to create a place where you can buy an everlasting wardrobe. Products with a high quality grade, classic products with an everlasting style, mostly made in Europe with top fabrics and good work ethics. It’s quite a step to say, let’s make less volume and invest in honest products, that’s what we did and we’re stoked to make this happen with all our great customers from everywhere in the world, yeah!"

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Q: What steps do you take to be a conscious consumer yourself?

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Rolph: "First of all, I only want to invest my money in people I like, and retailers / people where I believe in, because they have passion for what they do. Otherwise: exit.

Beside that, me as a consumer: I only buy stuff which feels as an add, stuff has to feel comfortable, when it doesn’t makes me happy, I just don’t do it. I think that’s sustainable.
Our market is filled with concepts to push push push…

I don’t like that, buy stuff you like and want to add, don’t buy to buy. In menswear this whole mechanism is less heavy according to womenswear where a lot of fast-fashion concepts and wannabe boutiques come up with ‘sustainable’ initiatives just to pull the ’sustainable cart as a buying reason. That’s not my kinda style."

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Q: What tips would you give to your customers?

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Rolph: "Choose well, shop with people you like at the retailers you like. Communication is key to keep all retailers sharp and more sustainable."

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Q: What can you do or are you doing to make the fashion and footwear industry more earth friendly?

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Rolph: "As a buyer I have to create new episodes in our story to have a sustainable relationship with our consumers. It’s not about volume, it’s about added value. When we create added value and products that add something we need less products to sell. Less volume means less waste, and then still we can make a good profit in general! Besides that we sell YOUR product to keep products fresh, more sustainable and they will be in good shape for a longer period."

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