Calico Jack | Introducing: Calico Track

Introducing: Calico Track

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Calico Jack’s Gruppetto Pirata cycling initiative takes up the Wednesday evenings. On Tuesday it’s time for all you runners. Calico Track is a growing group of likeminded people: who enjoy being active and value quality of life. Put your studies or work to one side and join us fellow runners on Tuesday.

Our meet up spot and starting point is Calico Jack, every Tuesday night at 19:00h. Runs will take around 30 minutes and at the end of the run we’ll make sure the Calico Jack fridge is stocked with a beer for you, or two.

Some conditioning or running experience would be great, but we’re not trying to set records here, so everyone can join in. Calico Track is not about the prestige, but the comradery of running together, being active and having a beer afterwards.

Would this be an ideal reason for you to run once a week? Then we’d love to see you outside Calico Jack on Tuesday at 19:00h. Joining is free, no need to sign up.

Every Tuesday night at 19:00h, Ted & Erik start the run at Calico Jack. Around 19:30h we’ll be back here for that cold beer.

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