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Introducing: Calico Running Club

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The definition of club is an association dedicated to a particular interest / activity or an organisation constituted to play matches in a particular sport. This definition inspired us to start our own.

Obviously the team behind Calico Jack and their customers are inspired by sports, the good life and a lot of related activities in-between.
Quality of life is always our goal.

Calico Club will release a clothing collection in the summer of 2021. Alongside the clothing collection we're launch the idea of being a new platform for the Calico Jack community. Likeminded people, brands, entrepreneurs, creatives and friends together with us, doing cool things.
Focus on style, stands and people’s stage! From this perspective we started last week with our own Calico Dining Club, a stage for chef Wouter Verheijen to inspire us with cool, simple top class dishes at home.

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Today we’re on to the next release on our new Calico Club platform.

Last year we started our own running club with a group of enthousiast customers and today we’re back for a new season.
It’s simple, from this week:

Calico Running Club, every Tuesday from 19.00 ’til 19.30, starting at Calico Jack East.

Kickin’ off with a small interview with one of the first attendees of Calico Running Club, introducing Ralf Thijssen:

Q: Hi Ralf, You are a regular for a while now, in both stores, please introduce yourself!

"Proud father of Wout (13), Jasper (11) and Sara (9). Working as strategic Legal Professional and I’m devoted to sports and Italy."

Quality of life is our life goal! Can you explain us what that means for you?

"Gravel bike tour with friend(s) / First on ski slope, with fresh snow even better / Caffe macchiato and 'cornetto' in the early morning -> simple but perfect"

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Q: Any special items you bought at Calico Jack? What’s your favourite piece?

"Still love all my early days Libertine Libertine shirts, my CP Company Goggle Jacket is timeless."

You’re a weekly visitor and member of our community initiatives like Gruppetto Pirate and Calico Track, from now on called our Calico ‘Running’ Club. What do you like on these initiatives?

"Great! As mentioned earlier I'm devoted to sports, especially outdoor and with likeminded people. Both initiatives create a laid-back opportunity to challenge yourself and meet other/new people at the same time. Members are only required to take care for each other and all committed to make it worthwhile."

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