Calico Jack | In conversation with Menno van Meurs

In conversation with Menno van Meurs

Owner of Tenue. & good friend of the shop.

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1. Hi Menno! What’s up? How’s life in Amsterdam?

Man oh, man! Slowly getting back into something that reminds me of vibrant Amsterdam. We can’t wait to get back at it after a year full of challenges. We're super positive; The great are separated from the good, the only way now is up!

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2. 2020 in one word?


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3. Please give us an update on Tenue. your brainchild!

We at Tenue. want to make people fall in love with their clothes again. Our brand is a clash between history and future, between classic style and contemporary workwear. Together with our factories and suppliers in Italy, Portugal and Japan we create ethically produced and honest clothes. Clothes we are genuinely proud of that are created to last.

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4. Can we see this as denim new style?!

Well, let’s be honest, denim has been always there. We're excited to see denim going back to workwear. This time though, it's 21st-century workwear. We often refer to this as 'The Everyday Tenue' with a modern approach to fits and fabrics.

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5. Your favourite item of this collection?

The Penn jean (our Tenue. Loose fit) in the ‘Arroyo’ wash is everything I look for in jeans; It’s cool, it has a relaxed fit and great vintage apparel with its intense 90s ’salt n pepper’ wash. It’s that total 'Locals Only' California vibe we are so passionate about. If you check the cover of the book you see a kid without a t-shirt, tanned skin and a beautiful f*cked up jean riding the streets of Venice. We just can’t get enough of that! The Tenue. Penn Arroyo totally represents that vibe.

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6. Summer plans?

In my dreams, I see a post-covid world full of love. A 21st century Woodstock festival with happy people deleting 2020 from their hard discs and rapidly getting back to those social vibes we all missed so much this year! (All of that in jeans and white tees of course;)

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