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Hybrid picks by Victor

You've probably seen him several times on our social channels. Victor is one of our weekly models and loyal customer of the first hour. As a model he sees a lot of our collection and he's told us that he always gets really inspired by our technical items. Therefore, he wants to show you his hybrid picks for the Spring/Summer season.

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When it's still a bit colder Victor likes to go for softer fabrics to adapt to the weather. In this first outfit his picks go towards the Barena Venezia Bativoga Trousers for an extra soft feel, Stone Island's Light Raw Cotton Quarter Zip and the NN07 Verve Vest. This colour palette is clean and the fabrics keep Victor feeling comfy yet stylish. So whenever he isn't sure what the weather will be like, this outfit makes sure he can switch it up and still make it work.

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Sunny days are coming our way! When the sun comes out Victor likes to combine his Technical wear with casual pieces. In this second look, Victor has layered the Stone Island Marina 3L Gore-tex Vest with the Norse Projects Johannes Long Sleeve. This clean fit is finished with the Adnym Atelier AWI 211 Trousers and Dr. Martens Jorge in Black Suede. Because of the wide and high fit of the trousers combined with the high-end sandal, Victor can stay cool and experience the nice breeze of the wind when the sun's out.

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Spring is all about going outside to enjoy the weather. While doing so, Victor's picks are not only fashionable but also very functional. It's for that reason that this final outfit is layered with the Norse Projects Ursand Windbreaker; just in case the weather turns on him. Underneath he is wearing the Paul & Shark x White Mountaineering Long Sleeve. This high-quality, soft shirt is perfect for when the sun comes out during the Spring. The Veilance Spere LT Shorts have a technical look and feel to adapt to several weather types. And last but not least, he makes this look feel juicy with the Suicoke WAS-ab in Off White. Walking through the woods, nearing the waterside, or going out for a day of fun... Victor is prepared for anything.

That's it for Victor's Hybrid Picks! He hopes you feel inspired. And if you do, we welcome you to go and check out our webshop where you can find all of Victor's favourite hybrid picks!

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