How Football Casuals Became Europe’s First Sneakerheads

Nowadays sneakers are well embedded in the everyday lives of young, old, male, female. There used to be a time when sneakers were much more obscure, not gracing the feet of 90% of the people you saw walking by. Sneakers back then were for the few and sneaker heads were not easily spottable.

Photo credits: Highsnobiety

Terrace footwear sneaker history 04

We’re talking about 15 years ago, ‘ish. Being interested in sneakers was something weird, but now everyone and their mom has the Nike SNKRS app on their phone to try and cop all the latest Off-White’s. Sneaker reselling for instance has turned into a monster multi-billion-dollar business.

Photo credits: Vertigo Films

Terrace footwear sneaker history 02

You might think Instagram birthed interested into the game, but the origin might be much, much older. Highsnobiety has delved into history and suggests it’s the football casual’s love for adidas which sparked it all. For practical reasons, mind you. We can definitely see where they’re coming from, so head on over to Highsnobiety for a very interesting read.