Hi-Tec HTS74 Apparel

Hi-Tec is well-known if you’ve been following us the past few years. A brand with a background in outdoor sportswear. The HTS74 line which we carried always focused on footwear, but this season they’ve also dropped a full range of apparel. The clothing is made to wear with any kind of weather and a lot of the fabrics are water resistant, but still breathable. It follows the same ethos as the sneakers, mixing sportswear and outdoor performance gear. The collection uses a lot of purple and neon accents together with some grey, beige and blacks. Some of the pieces are inspired by the Hi-Tec sportswear line from the 90’s, giving it a vintage look and feel but still perfectly fitting in any closet today. If you are curious check it on our webshop here, or drop by in-store where we would be happy to tell you more.

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