Footwear focus with Erik: Sneaker Politics x Café du Monde x Saucony Shadow 5000

Store collaborations used to be the pinnacle of the sneaker game. Those stores were the real deal, if a store had a collaboration with a sneaker brand it was legit. These were the most sought after shoes and you used to have to travel far and wide to hunt them down. I’m talking about 10-15 years ago. There was no StockX, no Facebook, no Marktplaats, no sneaker conventions, no SNKRS app. You had to arrive hours before the store opened, sometimes spending the night on the cold hard streets. But you were always with people with the same love for the game. Nowadays it’s an online world, with Instagram and sneaker market places dominating the sales and interaction.

Erik Saucony 1

Most of these store collaborations always had a concept, an idea behind them, or at least they were given a name which reflected the colourways and materials they were produced in. Upon hearing we would be receiving the Sneaker Politics x Cafe Du Monde x Saucony Shadow 5000, it kind of felt like a release from the olden days. Not of the hand of a fashion designer, or donning the name of the latest and greatest from the rap scene. An old school sneaker boutique creating a concept and running with it.

Erik Saucony 2

This Saucony Shadow 5000 is inspired by the world famous New Orleans’ coffee shop (not the Dutch version) Café du Monde, in particular their beignets. The only food item on their menu, which the beignets have been since the late 1800s. We don’t need to explain the browns and white sugary print, as you all know how a beignet looks, but the green and white sole represents the patios of Café du Monde.

Erik Saucony 3

Releasing on the 5th of July, the Sneaker Politics x Café du Monde x Saucony Shadow 5000 ‘Beignet Brown’ is a head turner. Instantly recognizable as something special. To me, releases reminiscent of the to me ‘golden age’ of sneaker collecting are always a welcome sight. Available instore and online! And if you want to camp out like the olden days give me a holler and I’ll join you.