Footwear Focus With Erik: Saucony AYA

The sneaker game consists of a lot of powerhouse models. Silhouettes we’ve accustomed to and have been retro’d ’til the wheels fall off. But that’s okay, because some models can handle whichever material, colour or variant the brand throws at it. On to the other hand, we, as the customer, have no idea how big the archive of a brand actually is. Getting the chance to go through a brand’s physical archive would be on one of my all time dreams, but I fear that won’t ever happen, even for someone in my position as a retailer.

Saucony Aya 4

That’s why I’m glad brands choose to bring back their old models. Models which haven’t seen the daylight since their first release, when they were performance shoes.

Saucony Aya 3

Saucony’s latest sneaker release is one of those. The Aya was developed in 1994 and this is it’s debut colourway: flash purple and vibrant red. A lightweight road racer and long range specialist which brought on a new design language for Saucony. We approve of its revival! A vibrant option for your summer rotation.

Saucony Aya 2