Footwear Focus with Erik: Hi-Tec HTS Walk Lite

I can repeat it time and time again, backstories and heritage are king around here. A reason why a shoe has a type of material, colour or pattern makes it infinitely better than a shoe which looks like it does because a trendwatcher said it’s going to sell that way. Some stories you can easily spot on a product. Some stories, or heritage are not easily visible.

Erik Footwear Focus Neon 1

The same goes for this new line of Hi-Tec HTS74’s. The silhouette is one you recognise, the execution is something new. Or is it? They’re called the HTS Walk Lite, a deconstructed variant of the Silver Shadow. It’s not a light edition because everyone does that nowadays, it’s a Lite edition because Hi-Tec has been doing Walk-Lite editions of their shoe lines since the early ‘90s. Heavy duty walking shoes are robust, sturdy, big. They always look heavy, but nowadays they’re surprisingly light.

Erik Footwear Focus Neon 2

Hi-Tec came to the conclusion they had to add ‘lightness’ to their heavy duty shoes in the ‘90s. Enter the Walk-Lite line.
i personally think it’s great HTS74 reaches into the parent company heritage to expand on their own collection. Not because a trendwatcher says so, but because it’s part of Hi-Tec's DNA.

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