Footwear Focus With Erik: adidas SPZL Blackburn

The adidas City Series and Spezial collection are always story-driven products. The fact story and history take first place in the development means a person can immediately be drawn to a product for a certain reason. You experienced the British rave scene highlighted in the SS18 Spezial collection, or you’re from the city of London, Bern, Stockholm, etc. which make ‘your' City Series adidas a must-have purchase.

FWFW Erik adidas spzl 03

This time around, the Spezial collection hits home for me. In particular the adidas Blackburn SPZL. Named after the city of Blackburn in the North of England, Gary Aspden, Spezial’s designer, spent most of his youth here. The green and red coloured upper is inspired by the Red Rose of Lancaster, Lancashire’s county flower.

FWFW Erik adidas spzl 01

As most of you might know my mother was born and raised on the other side of the pond; Burnley, Lancashire. Blackburn and Burnley are twenty kilometers apart, as the crow flies. An area which holds significant importance to me, as I have always looked forward to visiting my family there.

FWFW Erik adidas spzl 02

The adidas City Series always highlight the bigger cities, which is completely understandable. Getting a shoe named after or inspired by a lesser important area is something no one expects. Ending up with the Blackburn, a Lancashire-inspired shoe is therefore something right up my street.