Footwear Focus with Erik: adidas München MIG 'Oktoberfest'

Once in a while you come across a sneaker which oozes quality and presence. Those pairs which, even if you don’t know what they are, catch your eye. adidas has a lot of those pairs, a few of which are releasing this Saturday. If it’s the new YEEZY DSRT BT, the outlandishly futuristic 4D sole of the ZX 4000 4D or the adidas München MiG ‘Oktoberfest’. I could’ve chosen them all as subject for my blog, but alas, I can only pick one. The München it is!

Adidas Munchen Clay Brown 1

It’s the second time adidas have made a sneaker specific for the German ‘Oktoberfest’. adidas sure like their stimulants, as they also released a Samba for ‘4/20’ day and a 'St. Patrick’s Day' Handball Spezial this year. Only a matter of time for a ‘Vasteloavend’ adidas right? The 14th of September sees the release of the pack of ‘Oktoberfest’ München’s. A lighter Clay Brown colourway and an old acquaitance, the darker Night Brown colourway released last year. The detailing is fantastic as ever, classic German patterns as stichting on the sides of the shoe and a ‘Brezel’ on the back of the shoe. Look inside and you can even find the unmistakable Oktoberfest table cloth print on the sides.

Adidas Munchen Clay Brown 2

These ‘Oktoberfest’ editions are truly born, bred and manufactured in Germany, so you know the quality is definitely on point. The remaining pairs of the Clay Brown and Night Brown adidas München MiG ‘Oktoberfest’ will release instore and online at 10.00AM on Saturday, 14th of September. Be quick, as they should fly out just as quick as ‘Bierkannen’ during Oktoberfest.

Adidas Munchen Clay Brown 3