Footwear Focus with Erik: adidas FYW S-97


Enter the ‘90’s. It was all about technical innovation, adidas was no different. The ‘Feet You Wear’ tech was created by a damn professor for Christ’s sake! The idea was simple, the sole of the foot was and is arguably ‘the greatest piece of sports equipment ever created’. The sole of your foot is round. Why were the soles of shoes square at the time? That shouldn’t make sense. It didn’t. The FYW technology was created to mold the outsole as the ball and heel of a foot. It was a hit and used in a lot of adidas’ basketball shoes.


It also spawned the ‘Salvation’, adidas’ 1997 answer to running excellence. The technology was loved by many, as the feel of the cushioning was next level for 1997. So why don’t we have adidas ‘Feet You Wear’-shoes on our feet anymore? Well, it’s ‘Feet You Can’t Wear’ nowadays. Literally. Remember that professor? He kinds of owns the patent of the technology. But don’t worry, technology and adidas have produced a lot of arguably better cushioning systems in the last few years.


They might not be allowed to use true ‘Feet You Wear’, but they can sure bring back the models so much of us loved in the ‘90’s. Like the Salvation, now called the FYW S-97. Looks like Feet You Wear, but is arguably even better.