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If there’s one constant in these uncertain times it’s this: the delivery of new shoes goes on. Time for Erik to have an opinion! As a long time sneaker enthusiast he’s seen a lot of things drop by over the years. Brands have come and gone, silhouettes who used to end up in the sale are now hugely sought after and the other way around. Here are Erik’s highlights from the past few weeks: a few from NIKE, ASICS and adidas.

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The history of the Blazer is not to be understated. It is one of the longest-running silhouettes in the game, stemming out of a time when NIKE was definitely not a global name. The Blazer was one of the brand’s first forays onto the basketball court: a shoe specifically designed for the needs of the basketball player. The leather upper with, mesh nylon tongue and vulcanized rubber sole, combined with the huge Swoosh on the side, means the Blazer shined on the court, but also shined in its minimalism. That’s part of the reason why this shoe has stuck around for so long and still be one of the most important shoes for NIKE today. That’s also the reason why you can never go wrong with a pair of Blazer’s, High or Low. A clean white pair with a coloured swoosh is an addition to any outfit: sporty or suave. If there are days when you don’t know what to wear, there’s always that trusty ‘old’ Blazer hanging around.

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I dare you to walk around the house and find out how much 3M products you already have. Scotch tape? Check! Post-it’s? Check! NIKE Air ZOOM Type x 3M? Check? It’s all in the details with this one: huge Zoom pods in the sole, high visibility yellow stitching, reflective elements. The Air ZOOM Type is the lifestyle takedown of the record breaking Alphafly ZOOM Next% shoes which Eliud Kipchoge used to break the 2-hour marathon record in 2019. The ZOOM Type is one of my favourite new models coming out in 2019, if only for the fact that that outsole is just ungodly soft. Yes, that outsole is big, but that also means it’s one of the bounciest and comfiest shoes you will have ever worn. The Air ZOOM Type is definitely a statement shoe: comfy, visible, the one you will probably wear more often than you think.

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I don’t have to explain that the sneaker game is filled with runners. Vintage running shoes have been a sizable portion of the market and a type of sneaker which is adored by young and old. One of the main brands filling your runner needs is ASICS. Probably the first thing you think about when you read or hear the word ASICS is the GEL-Lyte III, or the pair of running shoes in your garage. The GEL-KAYANO line is ASICS’ most important running shoe line, so their old models hold importance and mean something. The GEL-KAYANO 14 is a 2008 running shoe, here re-released in an original white, silver and gold colourway. This shoe just works, no matter which way you look at it.

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One of my favourite innovations in the sneaker market of the past decade is the introduction of adidas’ 4D technology. A completely 3D-printed outsole, which just looks technical and outlandish as hell. I have a loooooot of sneakers, but the pair I wear if I don’t want to spend my time looking through shoe boxes is a 4D-soled one. This Ultra 4D is a combination of that technology and an UltraBOOST upper, but you already knew that because practically everyone has owned a pair of UltraBOOST’s in the past. Seriously: treat your feet, put on a pair of 4D’s.

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Thanks for reading my thoughts, I will be sharing them more often! If you have any suggestions or would like to learn more about a brand or a shoe, just let us know.

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