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Erik's Favourites

Two weeks ago we showed you Rolph's favourites, now it's time for Erik's favourites! Co-founder Erik Morrenhof will be showing off two outfits made up of his favourite items from the Calico Jack collection. And he'll also talk a bit about why he's picked these items. Let's hear it!

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My turn! We've been working with the collection for several months now and in time you always develop your favourites. Your go-to items in case you need to get where you're going in a hurry, or the ones you save for extra special days. My first outfit is a mix of both. Starting with the shoes (I always start with the shoes): the Clarks Wallabee Boots. A classic in its own right, not usually as extravagant as these ones. Have you ever opened a box of new shoes and they just punch you in the face? It's been a while since I had that, but these definitely do that for me.

The skinny pant look is not for me anymore and I like to stretch the boundaries from time to time. Bram's Fruit is one of our new brands and a local one at that: based in Eindhoven. I like what Bram is doing, so I had to try his straight-as-can-be trousers out. Beigey colours remain very popular colours when the sun comes out and yes, sometimes I also like what everyone else does.

Topping it off, literally, is the rugby shirt from Palmes Tennis Society. Yes, a tennis brand making a rugby shirt. The green and yellow Clarks mean I have to have at least one of those colours in the rest of the outfit, so the two tennis balls in the green-lined hand mean I get to be matchy-matchy, but in a subtle way.

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The world needs to wear more colour in my opinion, so feel that I need to set that example myself. Starting with the statement piece this time: the vertical stripe knit from Stüssy. The use of colours, fuzzy material and long arms makes this a very unusual item. Probably in the hate it or love it category, you can guess which category I am. Due to the loose weave, it's very airy, which helps when it gets warmer.

I went with a darker pair of pants this time, from Adnym Atelier. Especially in spring and summer, I like to wear a loose fit and these are loose I tell you. The mushroom brown colour makes this easy to wear with whatever, so most outfits I have are interchangeable with the Bram's Fruit or Adnym trousers. Rolled up for that airy-ankle-feel, which I think looks best on a higher shoe like the Clarks, or their normal length for something bulkier like the Hidnander's I'm wearing.

The Hidnanders are a mysterious pair. Also a new brand within our ranks, I appreciate the more outlandish styling of their models. Definitely something different from the regular sneaker brand powerhouses I normally gravitate to. The loud nature of the model, and of the Stüssy knit, means I go for a more subtle coloured shoe. And yes, that practically always means a certain variant of white or off-white. The upper material is canvas, so I can't wait to wear the crap out of these and see the normal wear-and-tear leave their imprint on the shoe. A well-worn denim piece with its fading and creasing has its own story and I'm hoping to create the same with these Hidnanders.

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It's only crazy until you do it. Challenge yourself to wear that colour you would normally stay away from. Your legs will definitely appreciate a wider (maybe not as wide as mine) pair of trousers the warmer it gets. That outlandish pair of sneakers from way back then in your closet which you never ever wear is cool. Why? Not because everyone else thinks it isn't, but because you think it is. Trust me, clothes get more fun once you get out of your comfort zone. Baby steps are okay though!

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