Co-owner/sneakerhead Erik discusses Karhu

"I think it’s great to see how Karhu has gained a foothold in a sneaker market dominated by the likes of adidas, NIKE, New Balance and others. In the past few years I've seen several sneaker companies try and take over the market, but few have managed: Karhu has passed with flying colours."

02 Karhu Erik

A world without Karhu’s on people's feet is unthinkable nowadays. New colourways are coming fast and loud, so I advise you to be prepared for a Finnish avalanche of new Fusion 2.0's, Aria's, Synchrons and Legacy's.

That gives me the chance to reiterate one thing

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BUY YOUR KARHU’S BIGGER. Seriously, don’t be afraid to go half a size up, or a whole size up from your normal sneaker size. Your feet will love you for it (and so will we)!

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