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Erik on Salomon XT-6

The influence of outdoor clothing and shoes in what we wear everyday is unmistakable. How often do you see an Arc'teryx jacket walking past? Or taped seam pants? There's something sexy about a garment which besides the form also has the function.

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Nowadays a big part of our collection consists of outdoor or performance brands: Arc'teryx and it's Veilance line, Peak Performance, Diemme, On Running. Add to that list: Salomon. The fashion scene has dabbled with Salomon for quite a few years now, which is not hard to understand with their fascination for anything technical.

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Salomon's XT-6 was invented in 2011 for professional Spanish trail runner Kilian Jornet, who was competing in the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. It stuck around the trail running scene for a few years and eventually got cut from Salomon's performance line because new technologies took over. Salomon's special project manager spotted in an e-mail from their technical team in 2016 that the mold of the XT-6 was to be destroyed. He was not going to allow that to happen and understood the long term potential of the XT-6, but not for the high end performance market.

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New colour combinations, collaborations with fashion designers, the XT-6 was resurrected in 2018 for a different market. Fast forward to 2021 and a slew of celebrities and fashion insiders have worn the XT-6. It's turned the performance trail running shoe into an all-round sneaker, well on its way to be called a classic one day.

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