Calico Jack | Erik on New Balance 991

Erik on New Balance 991

Ask anyone about iconic, classic, sneakers and you’ll hear ’Superstar’, ‘Air Max series’, ‘Air Force One’, ’Stan Smith’. All very correct. However, how many people would remember the 99X series from New Balance? Would that (any shoe in that series) be the first one to pop up in your head?

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It arguably deserves more shine, but that also might be the reason why the shoes are considered all-time greats. If you ever need an everyday sneaker, comfortable as hell, perfect under any outfit, but doesn’t scream ‘look at me’ every step of the way? I’ll just come right out and say it: a pair of 99X’s on your feet? You know your business.

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We’re zooming in on the 991 today. The 8th iteration of what originally was the New Balance M990 (1982): every successor boasted the latest and greatest in running innovation. ABZORB, ENCAP, C-Cap, XAR-1000, Ndurance, all technologies debuting on an 99X model. In 2001 they opted for a more aggressive styling thanks to the sharper toebox. By the time the 991 was developed the 99X series were on the forefront of the running scene.

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For 30 years the 99X series has embodied everything New Balance stands for. Practical, running innovation in an understated jacket. Even the shade of pink on the M991PNK I’m wearing now you could call subdued. I don’t have a favourite 99X model, as they are all stunningly good.

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