Calico Jack | A Coffee break with Maarten van den Born

A Coffee break with Maarten van den Born

Today we are having a coffee break with one of our stores' most valued friends/customers, Maarten van den Born.

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Credits: Sneeze magazine

Who is Maarten van den Born?

Hi guys, I am Maarten, 29 years old, based in Amsterdam and work in the spirits business. When I’m off I religiously follow my local football club, hang out with friends or partying in clubs/at festivals, which is coincidentally where I met Rolph for the first time.

Tell us something about your love for football and the culture behind it…

"It’s just something magical. Friends, drinks and the pride of your city makes for an amazing cocktail. Win or lose, your will always be with your brothers in arms.

I love how the “casual” culture now is mixed with the modern-day music artists. Back in the day Oasis and Blur wore things that you really wanted to have in your collection. Nowadays those artists are much younger: you see Slowthai wearing a pure metal shell jacket or Skepta in the C.P. Company Kan-D jacket, that makes me very happy! I love how they focus on special pieces and don’t overkill it like for instance Drake, plastering badges everywhere, haha."

Seems that you know a lot about Osti and all of his brainchilds, how come?

"After seeing jackets that have been made 20-30 years ago, for example the colour changing ice jackets, my mind was blown. From that moment I started scouring the internet, browsing around in the Ideas of Osti book. All the amazing ideas he amassed to create the base for C.P. Company, Stone Island, Bonneville and all his other brands… that made me a hardcore fan."

What’s your favourite stadium jacket and matchday go-to outfit?

"I would say one of my Tank Shield Multilayer jackets, as I own 3. It’s a thin jacket but will stop wind and rain, this combined with the inner that is in the jacket will keep you warm, even on the stands. Definitely my favourite jacket."

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Can you tell us something about your love for Stone Island?

"It started with the first jumper I got from my dad and still own, when I was about 15 years old. Seeing the old guys wearing it in the stadium or around town, I was fascinated. The military style, the special processes that they use, the history behind the items. When I’m into something I will dig out all the information I can find. The history and story behind Stone Island, that is half the appeal."

What’s your favourite wardrobe piece from Stone Island?

"The Stone Island x LEFORM jacket that was release in 2017 to celebrate the 20 years anniversary of the store in Moscow. It was sadly limited to 49 pieces and released in Russia only. One of the all time grails for me. Thankfully I own one. A crazy story how I got one in my size, but that’s a story for another time."

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Which Stone Island pieces do you usually look for? What tickles your interest?

"The vintage ones of course, for the right price. Stone’s archive pieces can blow you away sometimes: ‘Life Safer’ or the Marina collection always make me want to pull the trigger sooner than later."

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We saw those crazy New Balance x Stone Island 577’s you had on your feet! Wow. Can you tell us something about these? And what’s your favorite collab from Stone Island?

"Oh boy, the hunt for these took me a loooong time. They released in 2013 and around that time I was busier spending money in the pub than on shoes. After a long search I saw a pair pop up on one of the Facebook groups and of course it sold immediately… Just my luck. I contacted the buyer and called dibs if he ever decided to sell the pair he just bought, as he did 2 weeks later because they fortunately didn’t fit him, lucky me!

My favourite collab is more a love/hate story, but I would say the ones between Supreme & Stone Island. Not because of Supreme, but the pieces used are just insane. The first collaboration with the Helicopter jacket is one of the best jackets that ever has been ‘re-issued’, same goes for the paisley Tela Stella and the heat reactive jackets a year later. These are amazing re-issues to give the youngsters an Osti history lesson."

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Spring is buzzin’. Music plays a very important role within our common culture and lifestyle. Which song do we have to play for you?

"That has to be Oasis’ Morning Glory, the song always hypes me up and makes me long for the summer. I think we all need some hyping up this year. Less COVID restrictions, more parties, full football stadiums and maybe an Oasis reunion, please?"

Something else?

"I would say, if you love Stone Island go and look for the books: Ideas by Massimo Osti, Archivio and Storia. Also, be sure to check out the interviews with Stone Island CEO Carlo Rivetti on YouTube! Educate yourself about what you are wearing or what you would like to wear. I hope you guys will be as fascinated about the Stone Island story as I am!"

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Credits: Sneeze magazine

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