Calico Jack | Calico Jack opens its new West location

Calico Jack opens its new West location

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"Dutch retailer Calico Jack is ready for the future with a second location called Calico Jack West."

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After an 8-year stretch in the city centre of Venlo, Calico Jack has now officially finalised its second location on the other side of the river Maas: Blerick - just 1.8 kilometers away from their Venlo location, now dubbed Calico Jack East. Taking over a storefront in the heart of Blerick, Calico Jack West will house a mixture of sneakers, streetwear on the ground floor and luxury footwear on the lower ground floor.

The new location of Calico Jack West is a familiar sight for Venlo natives, as the building used to house the footwear store that has been in the Van Heyster family for 71 years. Rolph van Heyster, co-owner of Calico Jack explains the choice: "evolving our concept has always been one of our main priorities. Calico Jack East is a totally different animal now than when we started 8 years ago. While I love the avenue we've been following, I still see a lot of potential in expanding the portfolio with what we were in the beginning. But doing both successfully in one store is like walking a tightrope. Ultimately our business is growing, so that tight rope is becoming all too important. Calico Jack West therefore portrays 'our legacy', on the one hand going back to our Calico Jack roots, on the other hand going back to my own family roots. That feels extra special."

New luxury versus the legacy

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Revisiting their legacy, their West location brand list is compiled with familiar faces, old flames (Daily Paper) and newcomers (Arte Antwerp, The New Originals). The return to their streetwear days sees a mix of popular Dutch brands and world renowned names. Leaving the luxury clothing brands to their East store, West is supposed to be the trusty old labrador, all encompassed in a calming, bright, upscale environment. "We just want people to feel like they are welcome, whenever. It's our home, why would we want people to feel otherwise? That's always been one of our core principles and is increasingly important in these tough times", Erik Morrenhof, co-owner, explains. Where West is supposed to be the trusty old labrador, East is the research & development department: creative partnerships with Canon, Absolut Vodka, for instance will shape the interior design and luxury clothing brands are supposed to set the tone.

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