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Calico Jack introduces Vincent

Hi, my name is Vincent and I'm the new Creative Office Manager at Calico Jack. I would like to give you a quick look of my favorite picks at Calico Jack. I started this journey on the 1st of January 2022. With the help of our former talented colleague Sjeng, I quickly started to execute and manage our daily creative tasks. Almost every day I come across our collection of clothing and footwear and I get very inspired. So I went and picked an outfit that I totally love with the items we have in-store as we speak.

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Since the first day that Calico Jack opened, I have been shopping there to fill my wardrobe. When I was younger I mostly went for streetwear fashion brands. But now I'm at an age where I appreciate quality over fun designs. So that's why my picks are more high-end items with a certain quality that suits my personal needs for quality living.

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I'm starting off with the Norse Projects Nunk Shell Jacket Gore-Tex in Yellow. This item combines quality, style and colour, in a way that I love. Even though the yellow sparks interest and attention of those who see me walking, the design makes this jacket a stylish item to wear in the spring and summer season. The technology used in this item is perfect for spring weather types and feels very comfortable to wear.

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My second pick is the Norse Projects Birkholm Travel Solotex Vest. This item matches perfectly with my need to look the part, to not feel too cold or too hot and it's a quality item that lasts. Together with the white shirt, it creates a nice contrast that matches perfectly with my third pick.

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My third pick is the Barena Venezia Bragola Trouser. This is a high quality Italian trouser that feels like heaven. Navy is my favourite colour to wear, so these pants feel like they were made for me! The baggy fit combined with the quality fabric makes me want to wear these trousers every single day.

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Last but not least, the ETQ LT03. This white shoe makes the whole outfit complete! I mean, can you ever go wrong with white shoes? This ETQ looks like a sneaker and still has a casual feel to it! I can wear it while dressed in a streetwear outfit and also in a casual clean outfit. This shoe just hits all boxes for me.

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So.. That's it for my favorite items at Calico Jack. I hope I got to inspire you a little. Thanks for reading! If you like my outfit, I invite you to come by our East store to try on these items! See you soon!

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