Calico Jack Fest introduces: Vic Crezée, The Tastemaker of Amsterdam.

Vic Crezee is one of the most important names in the club culture of Amsterdam. Ever since he started spinning decks, 16 years ago, he’s been turning heads and moving feet. Amsterdam, New York, London and back, Vic has played everywhere and made every gig his own.

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In Amsterdam as well as internationally he's known for his vast knowledge and enticing taste in all sorts of genres. Truly unafraid of mixing hiphop with house and more he keeps his listeners on the edge of their seats, anxious to know what will happen next in his set.

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Listen to Vic Crezée's NTS Radio podcast here.

Now that his love for electronic sounds has deepened he has become a regular at clubs De School, Claire & Garage Noord and has played numerous gigs abroad such as African Acid Is The Future, Deviation & 13 Weeks Oneman. His monthly shows on NTS and Whatever Forever at Red Light Radio will keep you filled in on what’s going through his mind. And if that wasn’t enough... he will start his own Club Night called Rataplan in Borderline, London. Are you able to keep up?

A staple in the clubbing scene, an unstoppable force behind the decks and an inspiration to many other DJ’s. Vic Crezée is the crème de la crème of DJ’s and you can find him at Calico Jack Fest.

March 24, Vic Crezée at Calico Jack Fest.


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