Calico Jack Fest introduces: The Mauskovic Dance Band: Dance or Dance.

The Mauskovic Dance Band combines elements of Cumbia, Afro-Caribbean rhythms and space disco in equal measure to create a unique hypnotic groove.

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The group is the brainchild of Amsterdam based producer and multi-instrumentalist, Nicola Mauskovic. Everything began when Nicola experimented in his own studio and created 7 singles. Nicola tapped long-time collaborators Donnie Mauskovic (Vocals, Keys, Effects), Em Nix Mauskovic (Guitar, Synth, Percussion), and Mano Mauskovic (Bass) to make the jump from record to stage. Soon they caught the ear of fabled-underground Cumbia producer Juan Hundred, who immediately left his home on an uncharted Caribbean island to join the Mauskovic Dance Band on drums.

Unbound by linear thinking, The Mauskovic Dance Band tries to convey a feeling through their music. Heavily influenced by the likes of Fela Kuti, ESG and liquid liquid. Making the world dance, one person at a time.

“From Africa to Colombia to the Netherlands, thats our music and it’s very danceable.” - Nicola Mauskovic

They acknowledge their afro influences from Kenya, Afrobeats from Nigeria, music from the Cumbia’s from Colombia which is also very influenced by African music. Which completes the circle once again.

You can see The Mauskovic Dance Band on the 24th of March at Calico Jack Fest.


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