Calico Jack Fest introduces: Ploegendienst: Anti-Everthing.

Hardcore- punk supergroup Ploegendienst wants change, so they speak about frustrations and more in order to make the people move both during and outside of their shows.

Ploegendienst Header

The band consists out of members from Aux Raus, Firestone, and Adolf Butler, led by frontman Ray Fuego who also leads SMIB and his own solo career. Ploegendienst is a phenomenal band that tries to bond with the people through relatable subjects. Such as: tourists that just don’t know how to f*cking behave in Amsterdam or people reading YOUR messages from YOUR phone. These subjects in combination with the energy they bring on stage really gets you fired up to go all out during one of their shows.

However don’t get the wrong idea, they aren’t just a run of the mill group that wants to complain about stuff. Ploegendienst really want to change the way things are. The thing is, they just don’t care about the feelings of others in how they convey their messages. It’s very direct and they lyrically don’t beat around the bush. If it sucks, it just sucks and Ploegendienst won’t sugarcoat it for you.


High energy, “in your face” lyricism and enough decibels to rip your head off.

You can see Ploegendienst during Calico Jack Fest, 24th of March at Poppodium Grenswerk

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