Calico Jack Fest introduces: $keer & Boo$: Unstoppable Southern Anger.

One of the most distinct artists in the scene and he hails from our very own province of Limburg. Skeer & Boos is an one-man-army with as many songs on his plate as stories that reach mythical proportions. Put that in a full Polo outfit with some “wijvendrank" and a blunt as an accessory and you got the underground icon of the South.

Skeer En Boos Header

Below the rivers hiphop has been quiet for some time. The soft trademark accent from Limburg and especially the pronunciation of the letter “g” wasn’t well received and often even ridiculed. Many hiphop-listeners said that it didn’t match the “tough” vibe of hiphop. We dare these people to say that to the face of Skeer & Boos.

The name literally translates into Struggling & Angry, and that explains a lot about the man. Lyrics range from struggling on the streets of the South, standing your ground to simply warning outsiders to not test his set. Contrary to most rappers, Skeer & Boos really is about it. His Instagram stories often show that the lifestyle he preaches about is truly the lifestyle he lives. The only thing that changed is that he isn’t struggling anymore. Skeer & Boos has money now, but he’s still angry so the music stays bumping.

“Struggling is something I can do something about, angry however is just something I am.” - Skeer & Boos

Don’t miss his show at Calico Jack Fest, 24th of March at Poppodium Grenswerk


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