Calico Jack Editorial: Introducing Veilance

If you have ever set foot in an outdoor store you have probably seen the Arc'teryx brand littered around the place. Rightfully so, the Canadians are extremely good at what they do: making your outdoor activities as comfortable as possible. Keeping the elements out.

Veilance is a line of clothing made by Arc'teryx. Veilance is exclusively crafted in the new Arc'teryx Vancouver-based Arc'One factory, which makes Arc'teryx's most innovative, technical and advanced products. Even the rucksacks made for the underwater transportation of U.S. Navy SEAL radios are out of Arc'One.

Veilance is not necessarily an outdoors brand though. It uses the same principles, yes, but is tailored to a more city like environment. It allows the user the freedom to do what they do, unrestrained by whatever the weather. Veilance is not loud... on the contrary. Their outerwear is very subtle and sleek. Its smooth, advanced look however, could make you seem like you are from the future. And in the future, you are definitely keeping out the elements.

Veilance 01 Veilance 02 Veilance 03 Veilance 04