Calico Jack Editorial: Stüssy Summer '19


Stüssy is often heavily inspired by the ’90’s. I have different reasons behind styling, whether it’s a vibe, the weather, a key piece. This time I took inspiration from photos from the 90’s era, where we see a lot of ‘messy’ fits, or maybe ‘laid-back’ is a better word to describe it. It involves a lot of baggy clothing pieces and interesting layering, surprisingly paired up with pretty neat shoes.

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It might look a bit as if the clothing is just randomly picked or just simply wrapped around the body. That attitude is, at least in our opinion, what makes this era interesting. Also I tried to implement some accessories (these are either vintage finds or some of my own jewellery) that I thought would fit the whole 90’s vibe. Inspired? If you like my styling, or just a specific item, have a look at our Stüssy selection on our webshop.