Calico Jack Editorial: Rolph's Day Off


Q: Rolph, we will be following you during your day off today! The community sees you going to showrooms, rocking the sales floor and attending the occasional brand event in and out of the country. But the community might be curious what your activities during a day off looks like? Mind us tagging along?

Rolph: Ado, nice to meet you! First of all, I would like to welcome you to our Calico Jack family. Stoked you’re doing your internship here. To answer your question… being honest? I don’t have many days off at all. Calico Jack is my main focus of course, a nearly-7-day a week affair. But I love being here. It’s my home. But everybody needs some free time. Whenever I get it, I try to enjoy every moment of it. It’s important to clear my head. Quality of life is part of Calico Jack’s ethos. I try to do that on my free days too. I have a passion for music as most of you already know. Thus, I try to listen to music I like. I’m on the road a lot: going to cool places in and outside the city. Wherever I go, I always try to get inspired. Also, I love to exercise and try to do that more often.

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Q: Alright. Starting with ‘Quality of life’. Is music a big part of that for you?

Rolph: yeah for sure. I used to be a programmer at Zomerparkfeesten for eleven years. A free music festival in our local city Venlo. So you could say I have an affinity for music, yes. Exploring new music is great, but I also preferences, such as British music from the ’90s and early ’00s. In particular in the fall when things tend to get melancholic you can hear some Oasis and The Verve coming from my speakers. Especially the first two albums from these artists, I can listen to those over and over. They mean a lot to me, so I always get energy when I listen to those.

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Q: Could you give me an example of energy music gives you?

Rolph: Of course. Records as Supersonic, Rock and Worldstar fire me up. Whereas Sonnet from The Verve does the opposite and calms me down. Same goes for Paul Weller – Wild Wood.

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Q: Do you do something else besides listening to music?!

Rolph: I very well could, but no. 2019 for me is living healthy. I decided on living a healthy lifestyle and put my attention into exercise. I started cycling and mountain biking regularly. On top of that, I try and run three times a week. Groote Heide baby!

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Q: Why so much exercise, you look in shape, man!

Rolph: True, but I want to stay in shape. I love good food and going out with my homies. Love me some beer, love me some wine. Who doesn’t? If you want to stay in shape you need to exercise though. Work hard. Play hard!


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